The Man Behind the Special Effects

14 Feb

Eugene MamutToday we went on a field trip to Animagic Museum in Lee, MA.

What a trip! The museum showcases visual effects talent and there is surprisingly quite a few of folks working on movies and creating special effects for theme parks, commercials and Hollywood here in the Berkshires. They just keep a low profile.  light show

After a whorl wind tour of the high tech toys in the front of the museum, the black curtains were drawn and we stepped inside to a dark room where a dazzling display of lights, props and glowing special effects surrounded us at every turn.

One by one we were ushered into a small back room to see mice and spiders running frantically down the blades of a ceiling fan.

making the matrixWhen the lights went on we were treated to a presentation of all kinds of movie special effects, like how the bullet scene for the Matrix was made. (Hint, they did it with over a thousand cameras.)

We were shown real models of the cities in the movie Judge Dredd.
close up Judge Dredd prop

It wasn’t all high tech though. Eugene Mamut, academy award winning special effects engineer as well as the museum’s curator showed us his computer. It used binary code, was made of wood and nails and only had 7 bits, but it worked like a charm. No photo here, you have to go see it yourself.

Also you should go just to see the Academy Award up close and personal. Eugene’s story is inspiring. And his talented wife Irina Borisova, she has a story all its own that is equally inspiring. More on her later.
Eugenes Academy award

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