We are going to build a Wigwam!

17 Feb

wigwam frame

Growing up I spent a lot of time in the woods playing with my friends. One of our favorite things to do was build forts. I was rather good at building forts.
Last month I was at the Berkshire Museum with one of my childhood friends. We were reminiscing about the the glow in the dark mineral room, the awesome gift shop, the historical room.We then walked into one of the galleries and there was one of the best exhibits yet–it was a wigwam: inside the museum. How cool is that?

My friends says. I want one of these in my back yard. She walks around it. Looks at me and says, “We can build one of these.” I had to agree. Last summer I built a 31 foot whale. I can do this.

side yard 004So this spring we will be taking this unused plot of land next to my house, clearing all the saplings mostly these are invasive plants, smoothing out the ground and putting up a wigwam.

It will be a a formidable challenge, but I think we are up for it. And I think if I have a ‘wigwam raising‘ party it will be even more fun. So stay tuned. The invitations will be going out in the spring and YOU are invited!

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