Crosby Water Procession!

28 Mar

These 10 kids had a great time with us in the Dr. Augie’s Brain Booster After-school program! They learned all about the water system here in Berkshire County. Ask them some questions, they will love to tell you what they learned, especially about how we are lucky to have the water treatment plants that clean our water.

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Here are some poems they wrote about water:

Over the rainbow.
Under the flag.
“The water is gone!”
“The water is gone!”
The salamander cried.
And heaved a great sigh.
To which the ladybug said,
“Then we must find the critter who drank all our water or else find a river
To get our water delivered!”

Everyone shivered, the baby, the fox, the fish and the eagle.
Just to think of the horror of life without water.

Did the moon sip the stream ’til the drip ran dry?
Did the rainbow make a spout that the water poured out?!

They all went marching to find some water.
It was in the clouds they all decided.
So they danced in a circle and shouted out loud,
“Oh sky give us water, rain on our parade if you would!”
And the water cycle started again and everything was good.
-Chante, Emma, Sandi, Ashley, Aiyanna and Lisa

The days are calm like the wind.
The shy is blue like my friends eyes.
Everyone loves to watch the beautiful sunrise over the water.
-Chante and Lisa

Dr. Augie sends a special thanks to Ms. Driscoll and Ms. Sandi for making this session fun and educational!

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