Insect Garden

28 May

insectI did a little work in the insect garden this weekend. “Little” being the key word. Mostly I leave the native plants and weeds fight it out and see what arthropods come to visit.

cut milkweedOne thing I do remember to do this time of year is cut back half of the milkweed plants. If I mow them down or cut them back, the plant will take a month or so to put out new leaves. New leaves just in time for the new monarchs.

I’ve found if I let the milkweed grow from early spring it becomes colonized by aphids, earwigs, milkweed bugs, milkweed beetles, several of which love to eat monarch eggs or young larva. Cutting back about half the plants allows for the colonization of the select plants leaving clean young leaves for the migrating monarchs to lay eggs.

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