Science in the Parks: Conte

11 Jul

bug hunting girl

Science in the parks stared with a perfect day.

Mostly because the first awesome little girl I encountered said she would very much like to help catch frogs.

“What else can we catch?”

“Oh maybe some aquatic bugs.”

“I LOVE bugs!”

Be still my heart. She then ran home to get her brother and some friends. Over twenty kids politely took their turns at scooping the stream for aquatics and gently ladling their catch into a bowl.

aquatic bug bowls

When the muck settled, we discovered all kinds of interesting organisms paddling, squirming and zipping around in the water. At the end of the program we recorded what we had in our bowls and then released the animals.

A few kids even took their shot at using the aerial net and caught some gorgeous long-horned grasshoppers.

I think the most exciting and scary catch was the GIANT fishing spider. No pictures because that guy was fast! And we were all running and screaming.

aquatic netting

Our catch for the day:

2 kinds of leeches
2 kinds of dragonfly naiads (Gomphidae and Aeshnidae)long-horned grasshoppers (Tettigoniidae)
stonefly larva
lots and lots of caddisfly larva
a giant fishing spider
plant bugs
bugs (Miridae)
backswimmers (Notonectidae)
waterboatmen (Corixidae)
whirligig beetles (Gyrinidae)
water beetles (Haliplidae)
collecting in the brook boywater scavenging beetle (Hydrophilidae)
aquatic snails
land snails (Succinidae)
watercress (Nasturtium officinale)
cattails (Typhaceae)
wood frog (Rana sylvatica)
common toad (Bufo americanus)
water striders (Gerridae)
black-nosed dace (Rhinichthys atratulus)
2 mismatched shoes
dragonfly naiad long horned grasshopper salamander snuggling leeches wet shoe

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