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Water Filtration

filtering waterThe a bunch of kids at the park learned about where our water comes from, where it goes and how it gets cleaned in the process. To make this more understandable we did some filtration activities. First we simulated what water would have in it at the reservoir, the younger kids ran about and got sticks,seeds, dead and living leaves and grass and dumped it in our container of water. Then they chose from a selection of filtering mediums for the first filtration step, like the giant grate at the water treatment plant. They picked the netting from an onion bag. Then they used a metal mesh strainer. Once the large organic materials were removed, they used filter paper, cotton and paper towels. They figured out that the paper towel worked the best.

To take it a step further they then tried a combination of filters all at the same time to see if they could speed up the process. Good thinking!
filtered water 2filtered water 3

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