Not Quite Gorillas in the Mist

15 Dec

slug trailsPart 1:

The terrarium has some recently discovered local residents. There have been interesting track patterns on the glass in the morning. The origin of these trails has been a mystery until recently. Approaching the terrarium at night with a light has revealed two kinds of glass artists. The common earthworm and a pale sickly looking slug.

slug in the mistKnowing worms like to eat rotting leaves, adding a handful of pretty fall leaves was a easy task and as a bonus it looked nice. The next morning, the leaves were moved to the back of the terrarium by some resident that preferred them in a pile stuffed below the backdrop. Lovely.

The slug, who was eating a pretty ‘yet to be identified’ leafy plant, was offered some arugula. The arugula was untouched, and the leafy plant lost another leaf. The next night I added a piece of green leaf lettuce. That did the trick! not just one slug appeared to eat it, but two.
slug food

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