owl chick I  For a smashingly good time see the entire selection and purchase a piñata see my Esty Shop

little donkeyI had forgotten about piñatas for over 20 years. When I started working with paper mache again and my little sister reminded me of how people loved them at the toy store. With that in mind I decided it would be fun to make them again. It has been fun! Taking recycled materials and making them into a party game. While I was photographing them my father, who came here from Italy when he was 15 years old, said, “Oh, we used to have piñatas in Italy, during Lent. But they were made of clay and in the shape of pots. They would hang in the street in front of the church. The word “piñata” in Italian “pignatta” means “fragile pot”. I remember my grandmother swinging a bean pole at the pretty clay pot hanging in front of the church. History has it that the Chinese were the first to make piñatas. Theirs were in the shape of cows or an ox and filled with seeds. They were decorated with colors and symbols that had meaning about the future climate and growing season. After the piñata broke, the remains were burned and the ashes kept for good luck. I like that. In the 14th century the tradition was brought to Europe and adapted to use for religious celebrations, the first Sunday of Lent. The Europeans brought the idea to North America in the 16th century to convert the Mexicans, but they found the Mayans and Aztecs had their own version of piñatas.

  weeping angel 2 uterus painted tardis 3 Untitled

And then there are the wedding anniversary piñatas: These are filled with messages of love and photos from the wedding by the guests and broken open by the happy couple on their first wedding anniversary–which is paper! for more see my Etsy Shop.

wedding set up sign


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