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Blast at the BioBlitz

A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated in the Berkshire BioBlitz 2015! Tallies are still coming in and Scott LaGreca is compiling them as you read this. Meanwhile you can check out Tom Murray’s 2015 Berkshire BioBlitz insect collecting frogslist and identifications.

One weird find were these mushrooms called “Dead Man’s Fingers”, but these were clumped together forming “paws”.

dead mans fingers paws

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Science in the Parks: Filtering Water

filtering water 4Filtered water is an important part of the water system here in Berkshire County. The water we drink comes from a water treatment plant that first filters our water for big bulky things like leaves, branches and live animals such as fish and frogs. This is a filter with big holes. Next the water is filtered through a finer medium like sand and finally it is filtered through an even finer medium to remove even smaller particles.

filtering waterToday the kids did some of their own experiments to see what would clean leaves and twigs out of water and then what worked best to remove dirt particles. They used, paper, cotton and filter paper. First one at a time, then in combination.

filtering water 2

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April Vacation Classes!

natural dyes 001

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Kids ages 8 to 14 years old.
Natural dyes and Mixing colors April Vacation Week April 22-26, 2013
Cost $175

crosby experiment 021COLOR AND NATURE CLASSES
This five day program is an opportunity for your child(ren) to explore their creativity. They will explore color using natural dyes and color paints. We will spend time experimenting how color mixes. Materials will be homemade play dough, feathers, paper and various fabrics. Each child will make unique works of art using natural materials while being immersed in the colorful world around us.

A packed lunch and drink is encouraged. All supplies will be included.

To register your child(ren) email:

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