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Making a TV show

Tish cameraOur 21 Century students are making a TV show in collaboration with PCTV focusing on “reptiles”. They have the background information, did their research, discussed their research and did a little of the filming. Next we are going to practice the scripts and do some filming!

We ask you this, “Why did the turtle cross the road?”
TV christina greg TV studio



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Training with TV Cameras

Our after-school program took place at PCTV today. We learned about green rooms, blue screens, blue eyes, no eyes, floating heads and green screens.

tv station 1

We talked about Carl Sagan, Bill Nye and Neal DeGrass Tyson. We were told when we write the show to think about making it personal, simple, but informative. We will base our stance on evidence and research.

tv station 2

Each of the students had the opportunity to run one of the cameras, be on TV and check out the production booth. The kids were hooked. Oh yeah. tv station mattI should mention here that all the students pictured here are vision impaired. We very lucky to have an amazing bunch of kids in our program.

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